Dance With Me I

Lagos, Nigeria June, 2007| An exercise mat laid on the sparsely lit dance floor as a stereo played soft music in the background, Tasha Cobbs’ Grace. A lone dancer in black tights and a black top walked gracefully unto the dance floor, changing the song to Mercy Said No by Cece Winans with a swift …


Not Beyond Redemption

"Sorry I'm not the kind person I wish to be...I'm rotten inside. Please, forgive me." "No one is beyond redemption. You just need to let yourself be loved."

Soul Song

“The song of the soul breaks forth as a ray of sunlight in the darkest of moments. Your story if written with all the emotion it requires can change a life" - The Grace Ola (IG: @thegraceola)

Thoughts on Colonialism from a Person who Read and Heard but never Saw

  Opinions were clashing; the union was crumbling Selfishness and greed reigned; Every man spoke for himself, alliances threatened None was ready to back down Amidst the chaos, one wise arose and brought about a motion: Mutually beneficial- to all parties involved, primary and secondary The factions were now united but divided to conquer A …


Ha! Two days to my birthday and I was still paranoid. I paced so much that I wore a trail into my living room carpet. My sister stared at me all day as if I had lost my mind but I couldn't care less. Maybe I had lost my mind. Being jinxed was absolutely and …