Society Has Failed Itself- A Nigerian Farce

A lot of Nigerians see depression and suicide as a white man sickness. Yet in 2018, Nigeria was ranked as the 5th suicide prone country globally. Thankfully, mental health awareness is gradually becoming a thing in contemporary Nigeria. But for a lot of us, 2019 alone has been a year of Gbas Gbos emotionally. Many …


Born Again

We die that we may be born...again. What does this mean to you? Send your thoughts to me via DM on IG (@thegraceola) . . Photo from Pexels


HIM: I want to feel your touch, the warmth of your flesh on mine I want to hear your voice and the rhythm it brings It sounds like Beethoven when he’s on the keys Your presence is divine, your aura screams modesty And I’ll worship at your feet if you were a deity Oh yes, …

To my Lover

As long as it rains And the seas forever flow I will love you still . . I guess I'm really getting into the Haiku vibe. Also, I'm kind of all up in my feelings these days☺️ . -The Grace Ola (CONTACT ME- IG: @thegraceola, Twitter: @thegraceola, FB: Oyinkansola Ogunyinka, Email: Photo by Pixabay …

The Light Between Oceans

PEACE. BE. STILL. . . 'The Lighthouse is the fellowship of brethren, Christ is the keeper, the Light is His Word, the boat is life, we are the sailors and the ocean is noisome pestilence'- The Grace Ola

Things I Can’t Say Out Loud

The tongue-tied feeling that comes over me when I attempt to read your expressions and end up catching your eyes. Fighting not to get lost in them means I have to pause and gather my wits.

The Haunted House

‘What exactly are you trying to say?’ Tade was starting to get worried. Arinze lowered his voice even more and bent towards him conspiratorially. He spoke in hushed tones. ‘I am saying that all the past owners of that house have died mysteriously and everybody knows. Everyone is afraid to buy it so it has been empty for the past three years. Rumour has it that a ghost haunts the house.’

Live each day like it’s your last

We have no excuse but to live each day INTENTIONALLY, with PURPOSE and towards a PRODUCTIVE END. It is our RESPONSIBILITY to live like everyday is our last because it just might be. We never know when it will all end. It could be the second after you finish reading this and it could be eighty years from now or more.


We stand by the docks, our emotions in letters They float in little wooden boats, pushed by the winds of our affection For in the deep corners of our hearts, rests the hidden mail box Out of the reach of society Where eyes can’t see, nor hands touch

Talku Talku

So, in order to say a bit more of the things I have in mind, I write them out, and they flow out of me with ease, and sometimes, even with some finesse and aesthetic. Most times, I don’t have to think too hard. The words are just right there, dancing around in my head, waiting for me to ink them. I write because I have more to say than I am allowed to. I will write until I have said it all…which will be most likely…never.

The Mountain Between Us

You know, when they talk about love, they don’t tell you everything. No, they sugar-coat it and talk about happily ever afters, the simple and complex arguments and the bizarre breakups. Maybe they even tell of some of the struggles…but they never talk about us. They don’t tell you of the several trials and errors. They don’t tell you of the pain, and the stigma. They don’t tell you about us, the ones who fall for people we can’t be with.


...The eye contacts, the brush of our fingers, the thumping of my heart when I find myself staring at your lips, wondering how they'd feel against mine...and get caught in the act...

Where’d the Love Go?

Show someone love today (you can tag them if you want or even just send a DM. Just tell them how much you love and appreciate them. I don't think anyone ever gets tired of hearing that. P.S: It could even be me. What are you waiting for? Go for it!)

What Can You Do?

Anyway, I went to ask my younger sister if I could borrow her phone to use for Instagram but she was sleeping. Sleeping! Sleeping ke? At this critical time when I was about to shoot the shot that would shoot me out of St. Singlehood. Never! So, I woke her up to ask her for the phone and her password (every 16-year-old has that these days…jeez).


He watched his mother take his last breath. In all his life, he had never felt so…empty. The moment it was about to happen, that moment when everything stopped and the universe stood at attention for an act that altered his life forever, he knew.

The Date

'Sure.’ I smiled at him like the lovestruck idiot that I was. I watch him walk off and imagined how the beautiful babies we’d have would be just as funny as he was. We’d live in a house by the lake, have three children and the rest would fall into place.

Fall On Your Knees

Fall on your knees Ye offspring of Jezebel Your feet have led your heart to ruin As your fingers played a tune of doom Know ye not that haughty hearts Attract all but things that edify Have you not heard of destruction; the daughter of pride? Or have you forgotten so quickly, the fate of …

We’re All Messed Up

It is a conspiracy, it is weird, bizarre and a secret that should have been obvious. Someway somehow, we are all messed up and are just covering madness with sane people clothes.

Why I Dropped Out of School

Hi guys. My name is Lola and I know you don't know me. I stole Grace's laptop because I really need to tell you guys this. I need the world to understand why I dropped out of school because I feel it will help a lot of people in achieving their goals and objectives in life. Seriously. So here goes:

Life and Times 1

I closed my diary and rolled on the bed to stare at the ceiling. Then, I reached out to put off the bedside lamp and simply stayed there on my bed thinking. I had just written about my fight with Eniola, my best friend. Why did boys have to be such a problem? I turned …


I sat and listened as the preacher taught us:   The beginning of freedom is death And the limitation of man is life Life is a cage and death is freedom   For the immortal to be born he must die And for gold to form it must burn. Until the tree’s seed falls and …

I am Born

I struggle, I twist and turn, I roll over in stubbornness while she suffers I do not want her to suffer neither do I want her in pain But… It is she who has been assigned To introduce me to this world Even in her travail, she is determined to do so And I to …

Dance With Me II

“Yeah. Much much easier.” He teased. She smiled for the first time since he’d seen her and he had to stop himself from reaching out to touch her, she was so beautiful. “You know I’ve been searching for a dance partner for quite some time and I think you might be it.” He said on …

Dance With Me I

Lagos, Nigeria June, 2007| An exercise mat laid on the sparsely lit dance floor as a stereo played soft music in the background, Tasha Cobbs’ Grace. A lone dancer in black tights and a black top walked gracefully unto the dance floor, changing the song to Mercy Said No by Cece Winans with a swift …