Have you ever felt as if you were hanging from the moon yet still saw nothing but shadows? Well hopefully when you’re done reading this, Your eyes will be open to see the stars that have been there all along. Sometimes, the point of not having a sense of direction Is for you to sit … Continue reading PROMISES IN THE SHADOWS


Thoughts on Colonialism from a Person who Read and Heard but never Saw

  Opinions were clashing; the union was crumbling Selfishness and greed reigned; Every man spoke for himself, alliances threatened None was ready to back down Amidst the chaos, one wise arose and brought about a motion: Mutually beneficial- to all parties involved, primary and secondary The factions were now united but divided to conquer A … Continue reading Thoughts on Colonialism from a Person who Read and Heard but never Saw

The HR (Human Resources) Man

Going to see my uncle wasn’t something I did very often but this particular day, I had a reason to so I went. On getting there, I told the receptionist that I was here to see Mr. Biola (which is my uncle’s name). She called him and was saying “Yomi” and I started to get … Continue reading The HR (Human Resources) Man

Our Last Christmas

Happy New Year lovelies! I know I've not been the most consistent but hey, it's a new year (dawn). Here's a little something for both Christmas and New Year. Enjoy!!! .... I am but a child yet I have often been said to know way more than is expected of someone of my age. I … Continue reading Our Last Christmas

If That’s What It Takes To Save The World, Let the World Die

If that’s what it takes to save the world, let the world die, you say That’s going to be quite an easy escape, wouldn’t it? Shirking responsibility and turning a blind eye-or glasses for some It would be so easy to give up and wait for doom Then again, we’ll all be gone someday What … Continue reading If That’s What It Takes To Save The World, Let the World Die


“I am Faith. I am neither man nor woman. I have no friend or foe but I dwell with those who simply believe. I am neither a thought nor a feeling. I am the evidence of things hoped for. Many of you see me as an abstract concept, a construct of your imagination. I give … Continue reading I AM FAITH

What’s the Yardstick?

Hey there! I would like to share an experience I had around September with you guys because I learnt a really important life lesson from it. So, I had been feeling really down for a while and I “felt” like I had an issue serious enough to go for counseling in school. It was quite … Continue reading What’s the Yardstick?


Break a Leg, or don’t



People say ‘break a leg’ in theater, I think it means good luck

Well if good luck is all you have to depend on beyond the curtains

It seems quite fickle, doesn’t it?

A pirouette to perfect that performance

The absolute pitch to hold that defining note

And a bow to bring it all to an end

Spotlight and all eyes on you

Hinging on the constancy of a ‘broken leg’?

So no, do not ‘break a leg’, I’d rather you kept it intact

Not because I don’t wish you good luck but because I wish you way more

And telling you to ‘break a leg’

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